E-commerce Park of Sweden & JS Energi

This time #growhbg got together for an AW event with E-commerce Park of Sweden and JS energi, and gathered all at the newly renovated Helsingborg Dagblad’s old office.

The spacious building is home not only for E-commerce Park of Sweden and JS energi, but also for more than 40 startups. E-commerce Park of Sweden succeeds in gathering, helping and mentoring newly started companies in e-commerce and digitalization. During the talks, JS energi mentioned their beginnings in the business, their logistical challenges they had to overcome, their development and their brightly looking future. As for now, JS energi is proud to continue its expansion and development in heating systems and services through their digital platform.

More, the mingle gave the opportunity to all the attendants to do a short presentation about themselves. This lead to more conversation, further networking, interesting topics and new ideas. As most of the participants were interested in e-commerce, we are happy to see so many connected about the developments in this area, and the directions of this region!

Thank you for reading and stay in touch for more information about our next events this spring.

#growhbg did a test drive with ECOIST

With the ambition to make transportation easy, fast and environmental friendly, ECOIST is growing and developing at Pixlapiren in Helsingborg. ECOIST is currently developing in a lot of areas, but most remarkable is that the company is soon to finish the electrical prototype, and ready to launch the production the chassis for a pre-series of the first 20 Ecoists.

For this AW event, the participants gathered in the garage of ECOIST, in Pixlapiren, an innovative and creative space, next to Helsingborg Harbour, and very close to MindPark and Campus. Here, all the curious people in electrical mobility and not only, got the chance to see how the prototype is built and tested.

The futuristic-looking prototype did a test drive in the courtyard of Pixlapiren. Thomas, the innovative mind behind ECOIST, showed to all the participants that the electrical prototype is ready to reach high speeds in no time! The test drive was a success!

Thank you for this time, and we look forward to seeing you for our next AW in April at E-commerce Park Helsingborg. Stay tuned for more #growhbg!

Thank you for 2017!

A year has past and Christmas and New Years eve is drawing near. There are so many that are trying their hardest to do as much as possible before the 24th of December to be able to let go of their work during the holidays, which creates a lot of stress and pressure upon the ones who thinks like this.

Sweden, a country that is constantly going through changes in so many ways, has some serious traditions that the swedes hold dear. Christmas is one of them. It is a holiday we hold dear for various reasons and a lot of swedes talk about the Christmas “feeling”. For the christian population Christmas is the celebration of Jesus’ birthday, for others it is the once in a year chance to drink julmust or eat lussekatter and for some it is precious time with family or/and friends.

For whatever reason we are, or not, celebrating Christmas we should do it with all our hearts and be ourselves. For with traditions comes demands and unwritten laws that hates to be broken.

I love Christmas but within the tradition I always make up a new way on how to celebrate. Let’s do a vegan Christmas… or… why not welcome a new friend at Christmas eve? It is like Christmas is some kind of frame and I change the picture within it. The point is to always stretch the boundaries and never get stuck… just like a Startup.

One thing that makes me love working with Startups is that there are no traditions and there are no demands on how its SHOULD be done. A Startup can never get stuck or limited by its frame. New ideas and growth is what keeps it going. So, don’t stop and don’t let others say that it is impossible – you can do it! This is the true “Startup feeling”.

This blogpost is dedicated for everyone who has been with us this year, attending one or more events and stretched your boundaries and expanded your network. I just want to say thank you for attending, supporting, spreading our events and for this I am so thankful and happy. This year, #growhbg has really grown and tried new ground with positive results. I am really looking forward to what will happen with our network in 2018!

So, for now I will say: Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from #growhbg!

Women in Entrepreneurship breakfast in Helsingborg

This morning a small and beautiful office in Helsingborg was crowded with networking women who attended Helsingborg first ever Women in Entrepreneurship, an event that so far has only been hosted in Malmö. The event was co-organised by Think Open SpaceMalmostartups and #growhbg and the host was Fieldly.

The event attracted women from near and far in the Öresund area despite the early and cold morning. Susanna Bill from The Ground in Malmö made a wonderful breakfast that the attendants could enjoy while expanding their network and expand it did!

Business cards and e-mail addresses was exchanged across the office creating new connections with around 30 women in one morning.

Fieldlys own content manager, Linnea, wrote a great blog post in Swedish about the event. Please take the time to read it.


At the heart of Rescued Fruits

Rescued fruits, or as the company is called now, Rescued, where #growhbgs AW host last night. The company who started off as Marmeladmakeriet is a juice producing, fruit and vegetable saving and climate changing (in a good way) company. Located a 20 min buss ride outside of Helsingborg the factory takes left over fruits and vegetables and makes delicious juice without additives.

The attendants got a tour around the factory and offcourse tasted all the different kinds of drinks that are on the market. Truls, the sales manager, told the story of Rescued: how it all started with hand made juice pressed and bottled in a garage to what it is today. Nowadays the production is more advanced but still there is a lot of craftsmanship involved in making these tasty and environmental friendly drinks.

The group of people at the AW was pretty small this time, but they all had common interests and the bonds between the attendants grew fast and strong.

It was a nice evening for sure and the last AW for this semester (unfortunately). Our next event will be in January since we are taking a Christmas break.

Contentor made the visitors stay!

Yesterday was another lovely After Work. The host for the evening was Contentor, a company who works with content writing and translation of web texts. The event had around 25 people.

Among the attendants there was one or more representatives from:

Nordic marketplace solutions

Rebel Packshots

Gyllene Hem

Sigvard & Friends AB


Mikael Ernhake


Advokatfirman Vinge KB

Social Business Lab

and offcourse Contentor

Besides laughs, drinks and a good mood there was a typical Swedish tipsrunda (my team lost, haha) and we all learned some new words in Finnish and Dutch. Everyone had a great time and seemed to have a lot to chat about. People came early and stayed all evening.

Its amazing to see all theses people with different backgrounds and companies come together to share, learn and connect. I left the After Work with a smile, new knowledge and new contacts which are some of the reasons for these evenings.

I feel inspired to go to our next event and I hope to see you there!

We tried new ground in Ängelholm

Last week we had an After Work event in Ängelholm. This was the first time we had an event outside of Helsingborg. The host this the evening was car.info, a startup company who was initiated by the founder of prisjakt.se: Jonas Bonde. Jonas was a great host who met every attendant with interest and shared the story of Prisjakt and car.info in a presentation during the event.

To this event there came around 20 attendants which could be seen as a small amount, but considering that Ängelholm dosen’t have the same startup network as Helsingborg it is a good number. We have never been there before and few people there know what we do (yet). Car.infos crew where very welcoming and we all had a good time.

This was a try in new soil, if the first seed we planted will grow or not, only time will tell.

During the evening we had representants from:

Think Accelerate


Bilförmedlingen Ängelholm

Ängelholms näringsliv


IScencia Sweden

Ecoist AB

Limitless Creations


Our next event will be at Contentors office in Helsingborg. Hope to see you there!

#growhbg Home Edition with a BBQ!

Tonight everyone felt at home <3

This evening we had our last event for the summer with the event type: Home edition. Around 30 people attended at the house of Jeremie and Anna Poirier. We all had some lovely bites of the BBQ that the Poiriers had prepared. Bilprospect and Boldsie sponsored the event, thank you!

I myself welcomed the guest and asked some quick questions about what they worked with and why they  attended this event. The explanations distinguished a wide spectra but it all came down to the faith in networking as the main reason for attending. It was quite amazing to see all these people, with different occupations and backgrounds, coming together. Some even explained to me that they really believed in this kinds of events and in our vision: to create a strong network for startups in Helsingborg.

Everyone had a great time! I know it sound too good to be true but I didn’t see a single face with a strain to it and everyone wanted to join a future event.

The thing that made this evening a success was simply this: first, the belief that we are coming together for something good and profitable and second, that there was a lot to talk about because everyone had different backgrounds and experience. I think I just found a recipe for a great party! 

Among the attendants we had representatives from:

Min Doktor – https://www.mindoktor.se/

Malmö Startups  – http://www.malmostartups.com/

Bilprospect – http://bilprospekt.se/ 

Boston Scientific – Medicine and technology – https://www.bostonscientific.com/en-US/Home.html

Hofstep – http://hoofstep.com/

E-commerce and Contentor – http://ecommercepark.se/https://contentor.se/

RosholmDell – a lawfirm – http://www.rosholmdell.se/

Nestlé – http://www.nestle.se/

Jefast – http://www.jefast.se/

Proposales – https://proposales.com/

CVerige – https://cverige.se/

CF Alstierna – works with investments

In tune with you – https://www.intunewithyou.se/

Wildcard – http://wildcard.se/

Motiomera – http://go.motiomera.se/

Øresund startups – http://oresundstartups.com/

Car.info – https://www.car.info/

Device Radio – works with automated driven trucks – https://www.deviceradio.com/

We also had attendants who:

Are students interested in the startup community

Was an accountant from Syria

is a “professional mingler”

is an Art Director

is a fashion photographer

is a web developer

and who works with problem solving and tactics with AI and who simply loves chess!

Thank you for reading!

Before I stop writing I just want to leave you with an inspiring quote:

Coming together is a beginning, keeping together is a progress, working together is success.”

– Tom Ford

Take care! I am looking forward to when we meet again after the summer holidays!

Pecha Kucha

Yesterday there was a Pecha Kucha night at Mindpark and I held a presentation about #growhbg and why I think everyone should join the startup community.

I was really nervous and shaky all evening and I started quite stiff in talk and body language. To my relief I soon noticed some of the attendants looking at me with big interested eyes and they started to nod in agreement. This made it easier for me to talk and I found my flow and finished my Pecha Kucha with a big smile.

This evening taught me a couple of lessons like: “life is like a Pecha Kucha” and not a powerpoint where control what happens next, and that life can go “husket fort” (very fast) which is part of experiencing life. And while you do that you can always go back in time and remember what you learned and in that way become your own “time traveler”. We all have our ups and downs and some even “crash”, “loose our jobs” but if we get through we always come out stronger on the other side. Its all about finding “my goal” and run towards it.

While we focus on our goals one great thing is to “share the progression with others” by using social media or other platforms. Or why not do it with post-it notes? Just do it in a way that “dosen´t suck” so you get the message through. Either way, nothing of what we do today is “in its natural state” so try your way through life with for example new tech. And if you ever want to start your own company, make sure you “join our chilled events at #growhbg” to meet some inspiring people.

The next time I sit in a crowd, I will make sure I smile so that whoever is talking will have more confidence. Because whoever is talking in front of a crowd, that person is really brave!

Thanks for reading! Don’t miss our next event on the 21st of June!

Afterwork at Fieldly

Last night we had a wonderful After Work with Fieldly! Fieldly is a startup and the founders have developed a digital project management tools for construction companies. The app has over 10 000 users! I had the honor talk to the founders: Daniel Krusenstråhle and Sven Paulin. They showed me the office and where great hosts during the AW.

While I mingled around I got to know a couple of new faces and there was people from near and far. I believe that there where a bigger part of the attendants who made some new connections with startups, investors, people from Helsingborg municipality etc. I had the chance to ask at least some of the attendants where they work or if they came representing any specific organisation. From this I created a little list:

Adme AB

Forza of sweden


Contentor Marketing





Øresund Startups & Campus Webbyrå



Advokatfirman LA PARTNERS

Rescued fruits




Over 25 people hanged out at their office in Helsingborg yesterday and everyone seemed to have a good time. Even Daniel and Sven said that they would love to host an AW again.

If you want to host an event or have any questions about #growhbg, please contact us at info@growhbg.com. We would love to hear from you!

Take care and see you at our next event!

Afterwork with Uniti

Tonight we had our first event of the year at Mindpark and our focus was on the startup UNITI who are building an electric car that will make a sci-fi movie seem like reality.

Im going to share with you my thoughts about the evening.

They say anxiety is often due to uncertainty about the unexpected. This was the first time I had ever arranged an event about startups and I was nervous to the bone. I tried to rehearse what I should say presenting #growhbg and its vision. I couldn’t. By tongue just kept sounding like a broken record on repeat. Uh, sigh. My colleagues gave me some encouraging words and promised they would be there on my first arranged After Work as event manager for #growhbg. Strengthened by this I left the office with my friend who would help me take some photos at the event.

We where there about 45 minutes before showtime and we moved some tables, lights, lit candles and tried the powerpoint. It all seemed fine.

When our guests arrived I asked everyone to have a seat and it was time to “enter the stage”. I grabbed the microphone and, literally, out of no-where came an inner strength and I just spoke. I spoke about without any problems at all. When I gave the microphone to our other speakers and they started to talk I took a deep breath. Our speaker Lewis Horne then suddenly pulled out a chair and just sat down, totally casually, and started to talk about UNITI. First, I didn’t think it was a good idea. I was worried it would become a little boring for the audience to listen to someone who just sat on a chair and talked. But, as a leader of different groups and events I have learned that I seldom have the perfect idea but it can better be created through teamwork. So, I waited patiently.

I started to look at the audience to see if they seemed bored. No. They where fine! Our speaker told us an amazing story about how they went from idea to getting a 40M SEK investment.Wow! They shared with us the different features of the car and how they used Facebook as a tool to find investors. The crowd asked several questions and the atmosphere was relaxed.

After the event many came up to me and said that they thought it was a great evening, and it was. I had worried for nothing.

I believe that many of us have anxiety for the unexpected. Starting a new company or startup can bring a lot of it. But there is nothing we can do about the future unless we form it with our decisions we make today.

I decided to follow my dream to become a project leader and event manager and now I am doing things I have never done before. But thankfully I am surrounded with experienced entrepreneurs who helps me. I am also surrounded with inexperienced people who are doing things new to them. The mix of these people gives me a wide spectrum about how it is to work with projects and startup. I am truly thankful for the community I am getting to know.

We at #growhbg believe that the community is everything and we want to strengthen it so that people in the startup world can find strength in it. Together we can do the impossible, like helping the small startup to reach a global market or maybe just talking infront of a small crowd at an After Work.

Take care and we hope to see you soon at our events!

Hello Startup Community

We at #growhbg love startups from the deepest of our hearts! We have the aim to build up the startup community in Helsingborg and the surrounding societies by serving as an entry point into the startup community. Our dream is that Helsingborg and Skåne will be an area rich with successful startups and we hope that we can inspire people to take the step and start a new company.

At the start, startups can be a lot of hard work. Most people don’t really know what they are doing. It’s almost like it’s a part of the journey. One way to make it easier is to go to different startup events and meet people who know how you feel. There you can meet someone who are or has been in the same situation.

At theses events, there is always the possibility to meet investors or people with a thick startup network. Usually these people carry some good advise that can help startups to take a new step. After a startup event you never leave with the same thoughts as when you came. You always leave with either a stronger connection to someone you know or with a new contact. We have also seen that people leave with a smile and they look like they have hope for the future.

We at #growhbg want startups to keep together, to meet each other and to inspire others to start their own company. This is why we exist and this is why this blog exists.

Our blog is meant for the ones who want to keep a close eye on the startup community in Helsingborg. We will give our readers updates about #growhbg, posts about our events and lists with people who attended at our events so that you can get to know the network. We hope that this blog will inspire you to be a part of our quest: to build up the startup community in Helsingborg and the surrounding societies.

Take care and we hope to see you soon!

/Rebecka Lordhem