Hello Startup Community

We at #growhbg love startups from the deepest of our hearts! We have the aim to build up the startup community in Helsingborg and the surrounding societies by serving as an entry point into the startup community. Our dream is that Helsingborg and Skåne will be an area rich with successful startups and we hope that we can inspire people to take the step and start a new company.

At the start, startups can be a lot of hard work. Most people don’t really know what they are doing. It’s almost like it’s a part of the journey. One way to make it easier is to go to different startup events and meet people who know how you feel. There you can meet someone who are or has been in the same situation.

At theses events, there is always the possibility to meet investors or people with a thick startup network. Usually these people carry some good advise that can help startups to take a new step. After a startup event you never leave with the same thoughts as when you came. You always leave with either a stronger connection to someone you know or with a new contact. We have also seen that people leave with a smile and they look like they have hope for the future.

We at #growhbg want startups to keep together, to meet each other and to inspire others to start their own company. This is why we exist and this is why this blog exists.

Our blog is meant for the ones who want to keep a close eye on the startup community in Helsingborg. We will give our readers updates about #growhbg, posts about our events and lists with people who attended at our events so that you can get to know the network. We hope that this blog will inspire you to be a part of our quest: to build up the startup community in Helsingborg and the surrounding societies.

Take care and we hope to see you soon!

/Rebecka Lordhem