At the heart of Rescued Fruits

Rescued fruits, or as the company is called now, Rescued, where #growhbgs AW host last night. The company who started off as Marmeladmakeriet is a juice producing, fruit and vegetable saving and climate changing (in a good way) company. Located a 20 min buss ride outside of Helsingborg the factory takes left over fruits and vegetables and makes delicious juice without additives.

The attendants got a tour around the factory and offcourse tasted all the different kinds of drinks that are on the market. Truls, the sales manager, told the story of Rescued: how it all started with hand made juice pressed and bottled in a garage to what it is today. Nowadays the production is more advanced but still there is a lot of craftsmanship involved in making these tasty and environmental friendly drinks.

The group of people at the AW was pretty small this time, but they all had common interests and the bonds between the attendants grew fast and strong.

It was a nice evening for sure and the last AW for this semester (unfortunately). Our next event will be in January since we are taking a Christmas break.