Thank you for 2017!

A year has past and Christmas and New Years eve is drawing near. There are so many that are trying their hardest to do as much as possible before the 24th of December to be able to let go of their work during the holidays, which creates a lot of stress and pressure upon the ones who thinks like this.

Sweden, a country that is constantly going through changes in so many ways, has some serious traditions that the swedes hold dear. Christmas is one of them. It is a holiday we hold dear for various reasons and a lot of swedes talk about the Christmas “feeling”. For the christian population Christmas is the celebration of Jesus’ birthday, for others it is the once in a year chance to drink julmust or eat lussekatter and for some it is precious time with family or/and friends.

For whatever reason we are, or not, celebrating Christmas we should do it with all our hearts and be ourselves. For with traditions comes demands and unwritten laws that hates to be broken.

I love Christmas but within the tradition I always make up a new way on how to celebrate. Let’s do a vegan Christmas… or… why not welcome a new friend at Christmas eve? It is like Christmas is some kind of frame and I change the picture within it. The point is to always stretch the boundaries and never get stuck… just like a Startup.

One thing that makes me love working with Startups is that there are no traditions and there are no demands on how its SHOULD be done. A Startup can never get stuck or limited by its frame. New ideas and growth is what keeps it going. So, don’t stop and don’t let others say that it is impossible – you can do it! This is the true “Startup feeling”.

This blogpost is dedicated for everyone who has been with us this year, attending one or more events and stretched your boundaries and expanded your network. I just want to say thank you for attending, supporting, spreading our events and for this I am so thankful and happy. This year, #growhbg has really grown and tried new ground with positive results. I am really looking forward to what will happen with our network in 2018!

So, for now I will say: Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from #growhbg!