Afterwork with Uniti

Tonight we had our first event of the year at Mindpark and our focus was on the startup UNITI who are building an electric car that will make a sci-fi movie seem like reality.

Im going to share with you my thoughts about the evening.

They say anxiety is often due to uncertainty about the unexpected. This was the first time I had ever arranged an event about startups and I was nervous to the bone. I tried to rehearse what I should say presenting #growhbg and its vision. I couldn’t. By tongue just kept sounding like a broken record on repeat. Uh, sigh. My colleagues gave me some encouraging words and promised they would be there on my first arranged After Work as event manager for #growhbg. Strengthened by this I left the office with my friend who would help me take some photos at the event.

We where there about 45 minutes before showtime and we moved some tables, lights, lit candles and tried the powerpoint. It all seemed fine.

When our guests arrived I asked everyone to have a seat and it was time to “enter the stage”. I grabbed the microphone and, literally, out of no-where came an inner strength and I just spoke. I spoke about without any problems at all. When I gave the microphone to our other speakers and they started to talk I took a deep breath. Our speaker Lewis Horne then suddenly pulled out a chair and just sat down, totally casually, and started to talk about UNITI. First, I didn’t think it was a good idea. I was worried it would become a little boring for the audience to listen to someone who just sat on a chair and talked. But, as a leader of different groups and events I have learned that I seldom have the perfect idea but it can better be created through teamwork. So, I waited patiently.

I started to look at the audience to see if they seemed bored. No. They where fine! Our speaker told us an amazing story about how they went from idea to getting a 40M SEK investment.Wow! They shared with us the different features of the car and how they used Facebook as a tool to find investors. The crowd asked several questions and the atmosphere was relaxed.

After the event many came up to me and said that they thought it was a great evening, and it was. I had worried for nothing.

I believe that many of us have anxiety for the unexpected. Starting a new company or startup can bring a lot of it. But there is nothing we can do about the future unless we form it with our decisions we make today.

I decided to follow my dream to become a project leader and event manager and now I am doing things I have never done before. But thankfully I am surrounded with experienced entrepreneurs who helps me. I am also surrounded with inexperienced people who are doing things new to them. The mix of these people gives me a wide spectrum about how it is to work with projects and startup. I am truly thankful for the community I am getting to know.

We at #growhbg believe that the community is everything and we want to strengthen it so that people in the startup world can find strength in it. Together we can do the impossible, like helping the small startup to reach a global market or maybe just talking infront of a small crowd at an After Work.

Take care and we hope to see you soon at our events!