Afterwork at Fieldly

Last night we had a wonderful After Work with Fieldly! Fieldly is a startup and the founders have developed a digital project management tools for construction companies. The app has over 10 000 users! I had the honor talk to the founders: Daniel Krusenstråhle and Sven Paulin. They showed me the office and where great hosts during the AW.

While I mingled around I got to know a couple of new faces and there was people from near and far. I believe that there where a bigger part of the attendants who made some new connections with startups, investors, people from Helsingborg municipality etc. I had the chance to ask at least some of the attendants where they work or if they came representing any specific organisation. From this I created a little list:

Adme AB

Forza of sweden


Contentor Marketing




Øresund Startups & Campus Webbyrå



Advokatfirman LA PARTNERS

Rescued fruits




Over 25 people hanged out at their office in Helsingborg yesterday and everyone seemed to have a good time. Even Daniel and Sven said that they would love to host an AW again.

If you want to host an event or have any questions about #growhbg, please contact us at We would love to hear from you!

Take care and see you at our next event!