#growhbg Home Edition with a BBQ!

Tonight everyone felt at home <3

This evening we had our last event for the summer with the event type: Home edition. Around 30 people attended at the house of Jeremie and Anna Poirier. We all had some lovely bites of the BBQ that the Poiriers had prepared. Bilprospect and Boldsie sponsored the event, thank you!

I myself welcomed the guest and asked some quick questions about what they worked with and why they  attended this event. The explanations distinguished a wide spectra but it all came down to the faith in networking as the main reason for attending. It was quite amazing to see all these people, with different occupations and backgrounds, coming together. Some even explained to me that they really believed in this kinds of events and in our vision: to create a strong network for startups in Helsingborg.

Everyone had a great time! I know it sound too good to be true but I didn’t see a single face with a strain to it and everyone wanted to join a future event.

The thing that made this evening a success was simply this: first, the belief that we are coming together for something good and profitable and second, that there was a lot to talk about because everyone had different backgrounds and experience. I think I just found a recipe for a great party! 

Among the attendants we had representatives from:

Min Doktor – https://www.mindoktor.se/

Malmö Startups  – http://www.malmostartups.com/

Bilprospect – http://bilprospekt.se/ 

Boston Scientific – Medicine and technology – https://www.bostonscientific.com/en-US/Home.html

Hofstep – http://hoofstep.com/

E-commerce and Contentor – http://ecommercepark.se/https://contentor.se/

RosholmDell – a lawfirm – http://www.rosholmdell.se/

Nestlé – http://www.nestle.se/

Jefast – http://www.jefast.se/

Proposales – https://proposales.com/

CVerige – https://cverige.se/

CF Alstierna – works with investments

In tune with you – https://www.intunewithyou.se/

Wildcard – http://wildcard.se/

Motiomera – http://go.motiomera.se/

Øresund startups – http://oresundstartups.com/

Car.info – https://www.car.info/

Device Radio – works with automated driven trucks – https://www.deviceradio.com/

We also had attendants who:

Are students interested in the startup community

Was an accountant from Syria

is a “professional mingler”

is an Art Director

is a fashion photographer

is a web developer

and who works with problem solving and tactics with AI and who simply loves chess!

Thank you for reading!

Before I stop writing I just want to leave you with an inspiring quote:

Coming together is a beginning, keeping together is a progress, working together is success.”

– Tom Ford

Take care! I am looking forward to when we meet again after the summer holidays!