Pecha Kucha

Yesterday there was a Pecha Kucha night at Mindpark and I held a presentation about #growhbg and why I think everyone should join the startup community.

I was really nervous and shaky all evening and I started quite stiff in talk and body language. To my relief I soon noticed some of the attendants looking at me with big interested eyes and they started to nod in agreement. This made it easier for me to talk and I found my flow and finished my Pecha Kucha with a big smile.

This evening taught me a couple of lessons like: “life is like a Pecha Kucha” and not a powerpoint where control what happens next, and that life can go “husket fort” (very fast) which is part of experiencing life. And while you do that you can always go back in time and remember what you learned and in that way become your own “time traveler”. We all have our ups and downs and some even “crash”, “loose our jobs” but if we get through we always come out stronger on the other side. Its all about finding “my goal” and run towards it.

While we focus on our goals one great thing is to “share the progression with others” by using social media or other platforms. Or why not do it with post-it notes? Just do it in a way that “dosen´t suck” so you get the message through. Either way, nothing of what we do today is “in its natural state” so try your way through life with for example new tech. And if you ever want to start your own company, make sure you “join our chilled events at #growhbg” to meet some inspiring people.

The next time I sit in a crowd, I will make sure I smile so that whoever is talking will have more confidence. Because whoever is talking in front of a crowd, that person is really brave!

Thanks for reading! Don’t miss our next event on the 21st of June!