E-commerce Park of Sweden & JS Energi

This time #growhbg got together for an AW event with E-commerce Park of Sweden and JS energi, and gathered all at the newly renovated Helsingborg Dagblad’s old office.

The spacious building is home not only for E-commerce Park of Sweden and JS energi, but also for more than 40 startups. E-commerce Park of Sweden succeeds in gathering, helping and mentoring newly started companies in e-commerce and digitalization. During the talks, JS energi mentioned their beginnings in the business, their logistical challenges they had to overcome, their development and their brightly looking future. As for now, JS energi is proud to continue its expansion and development in heating systems and services through their digital platform.

More, the mingle gave the opportunity to all the attendants to do a short presentation about themselves. This lead to more conversation, further networking, interesting topics and new ideas. As most of the participants were interested in e-commerce, we are happy to see so many connected about the developments in this area, and the directions of this region!

Thank you for reading and stay in touch for more information about our next events this spring.