The Women in Entrepreneurship community is for women of all ages who are interested in entrepreneurship. 

Events organised for the network are open to women from all industries and backgrounds, whether or not they are entrepreneurs.

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Malmö Startup Community

Join us for one of our family-style breakfasts, where you can meet driven and inspiring women from the entrepreneurial community in Malmö, Lund and Helsingborg.



December 14th
Join our classic Women in Entrepreneurship Breakfast at Djäkne! Do you want to be more visible online? Heard of SEO but don't know how or where to start? At this breakfast SEO expertMaria Eckerwall, CEO of Top Visible, will share her expertise on Search Engine Optimisation.


December 12th
Our Women in Entrepreneurship family-style breakfast at Barista @Ideon! At this breakfast Mental Training Coach Alexandra J.B will lead a discussion on self-awareness and on how to use mental training to build yourself your best life.


December 4th
Join the Women in Entrepreneurship community's family-style breakfast at Mindpark! At this breakfast, Clara Löfvenhamn, author ofBossBloggen, will lead a discussion on how to "Be a Better Boss" through modern and sustainable leadership.



We host workshops for startups, business advisors and investors on why diversity is good for business and tools they can use to help build & support more diverse companies. 

Data Collection

We track gender-diversity data in Skåne related to investments, founders and startup employees. 


Women in Entrepreneurship is supported by MincInnovation Skåne and the European Union Regional Development Fund.